Technology Partners


Cevotec GmbH is at the forefront of fiber patch placement (FPP) for composite systems. This recent technology enables the additive manufacturing of 3D complex geometries, in a fully automated and flexible manner: patches of materials are automatically deposited in a specific sequence onto a mold to obtain a tailored composite, which properties are fully optimized.

By achieving an integrated solution with their high-tech robot series SAMBA, and the piloting software ARTIST STUDIO, Cevotec succeeded in transferring FPP technology from the laboratory into an active industrial production system, paving the way in the field of selective architecture for composite materials.



Filacon Systems (by Tajima GmbH) specializes in the development of fiber laying machines. Acting primarily in aircraft, automotive systems, machine and ship building, their range of industrials machines are designed to create tailored preforms. Under the specific input of the user, fibers are laid on a textile base material following a predetermined pattern, right before being further processed into composites. They also developed wire laying machines, used in various applications requiring conductivity (e.g. seat heating systems in cars).





Munich Composites has revolutionized the braiding technology in order to enable an automated and consistent high quality production of hollow fiber composite components. 

Thanks to their innovations in automated fiber deposition, they can guarantee reproducibility for any component and offer cost savings of up to 30% compared to traditional techniques such as prepreg.



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The high-tech company iNDTact GmbH is developing and producing sensor systems especially for fiber reinforced composite devices as G-FRP and C-FRP. Their USP: iNDTact sensors make these devices sensitive as human beings and enable a monitoring of their integrity. This goal is achieved upon a maximum of compatibility, extreme robustness, full embeddability and highest sensitivity of their sensor systems.

The sensors can be applied in any field, especially weight light construction, such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Med-Tech, Oil & Gas, Sporting equipment, Wind energy, etc.

iNDTact offers sensor system solutions with

  • universal compatibilty and small cross section
  • highest sensitivity and bandwidth
  • simple and robust fitting




Siemens, as the biggest engineering group in Europe, is active in a vast range of technology fields, such as aerospace, automotive, energy or healthcare, offering state-of-the-art physical and digital solutions. Their well-known NX software is for example widely used in many industries for its integrated properties. In the world of composite CAE, they also developed the Fibersim software, which enables the user to perform a concurrent engineering process for composite design (analysis, design and manufacturing intertwined).



Robotmaster is a CAD/CAM software edited by Hypertherm Robotic Software Inc. It provides off-line coding and simulation of robotic based jobs, such as trimming, machining, coating etc., while permitting path optimizations and automatic detection of potential manufacturing problems. We currently couple it with our KUKA robot arm to perform various manufacturing tasks.