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Munich Composites has revolutionized the braiding technology in order to enable an automated and consistent high quality production of hollow fiber composite components. 

Thanks to their innovations in automated fiber deposition, they can guarantee reproducibility for any component and offer cost savings of up to 30% compared to traditional techniques such as prepreg.




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The high-tech company iNDTact GmbH is developing and producing sensor systems especially for fiber reinforced composite devices as G-FRP and C-FRP. Their USP: iNDTact sensors make these devices sensitive as human beings and enable a monitoring of their integrity. This goal is achieved upon a maximum of compatibility, extreme robustness, full embeddability and highest sensitivity of their sensor systems.

The sensors can be applied in any field, especially weight light construction, such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Med-Tech, Oil & Gas, Sporting equipment, Wind energy, etc.

iNDTact offers sensor system solutions with

  • universal compatibilty and small cross section
  • highest sensitivity and bandwidth
  • simple and robust fitting





Componeering specializes in structural analysis and design of composite structures. Componeering has gained its competence and recognition from the development of ESAComp software as a European Space Agency (ESA) initiated and supported project. 

Componeering works on three major business areas:

  • Composites analysis and design software ESAComp. The development of ESAComp software forms the core activity of Componeering. The distribution and related support services are handled with the help of a partner network.
  • Customized CAE solutions for composites. Componeering develops customized software solutions by integrating ESAComp software technology and specially developed modules to the design environment of the customer.
  • Consulting services for composites analysis and design. FE analysis combined with composites related design and analysis services are provided for customer projects.




AFPT is one of the pioneers of the Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) Technology and is mainly focused on processing thermoplastic composites. AFPT offers laser-assisted manufacturing systems for automated tape-laying and -winding. The tape placement systems are offered in several configurations optimized for research and development and/or industrial applications.